Response to Michael Schendel's letter


This is in response to Michael Schendel's Feb. 28 letter critical of my Feb. 21 letter titled "Trump's Southern border policy."

Schendel, challenged my expose' of "socialism's evil history." Schendel stated: " makes me wonder about the veracity ... of one who espouses such misguided ideas." In response to that accusation, I'll let the one who guided me, to rebut, by quoting from his speeches. One, whose "veracity" is without question. Presidents Carter and Reagan testified to his veracity, as did many other prominent leaders

Excerpts below are from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's speeches from his book "Warning to the West." Speeches were given to the AFL-CIO, U.S. Congress and the British.

The following quote from George Meany, President of the AFL-CIO, in introduction to Solzhenitsyn's speech to the AFL-CIO, June 30, 1975: "Solzhenitsyn's art illuminates the truth. It is, in a sense, subversive: subversive of hypocrisy, subversive of delusion, subversive of the Big Lie [Socialism]. We need to teach the new generations in our midst what it means not to be free."

Following are from Solzhenitsyn's speeches:

"The decline of contemporary thought has been hastened by the misty phantom of socialism. Socialism has created the illusion of quenching people's thirst for justice: Socialism has lulled their conscience into thinking that the steamroller which is about to flatten them is a blessing in disguise, a salvation. Socialism, more than anything else, has caused hypocrisy to thrive...."

"Socialism defies logic.... it is an emotional impulse, a kind of worldly religion, and nobody has slightest need to study or even to read the teachings of its early prophets. Socialism is defended with a passionate lack of reason; it is never analyzed; it's proof against all criticism .... a kind of self-deception. 'Socialism uses the neat device of declaring all serious criticism 'outside the framework of possible discussion.' "

Gerry Lancette

Town of Hudson

Regarding Feb. 28, 2019 Michael S. letter


Nazis were all about gun control to hobble the defense of the common citizens to gain utter control.

Nazis were all about having government control of every aspect of every person's life, not reduced its stranglehold, as wants the GOP.

Nazis were all about demonizing a specific segment of society stating that they had all the power and money and therefore they had to be eradicated, except those that had value to the party; then Jewish, now white males.

Sounds pretty much like the Democratic Socialist Green New Deal party of the left to me. Before you quote history and point fingers remember three of those fingers are pointing back at you.

Steven B. Mael

St. Joseph



On Wednesday, Democratic-Socialist presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren was confronted at a campaign event in Dubuque, Iowa, regarding her vote AGAINST a bill that would protect babies from infanticide.

Warren stressed the importance of healthcare for all, including babies. However, a crowd member reminded her that she voted AGAINST protection for babies who survived abortion attempts. "What about the babies that survive abortion?" "How come they can't have healthcare?"

Warren, visibly frustrated, uttered, "Infanticide is illegal everywhere in America." The man reminded Warren "you voted AGAINST it." Warren couldn't come up with a response.

The bill, Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, was introduced by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse. Warren, along with 43 Democrats, including Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), voted AGAINST the bill last Monday making Republicans the 60 votes short necessary to proceed.

The bill's specific language stated "any infant born alive after an abortion has the same claim to the protection of the law that would arise for any newborn, or for any person who comes to a hospital, clinic, or other facility for screening and treatment or otherwise becomes a patient within its care."

Stated another way, the bill would protect babies born after a failed abortion by requiring hospitals and clinics to treat the baby as any other newborn providing them with the care they need.

The bill was introduced last month after Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam suggested that babies already born could be "aborted" (murdered) if state Democrats passed a bill legalizing late-term abortions.

It's important to note support for late-term abortion is becoming commonplace in the Democratic Party with states like Vermont and New York recently legalizing the barbaric practice. Evers, Wisconsin's newly elected Democratic Governor, pledged to send millions of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. Shameful.

Defund Planned Butcherhood.

Mary Grosenick