To the editor:

Presence. Perspective. Possibility. These three words are a good way to approach each new day. Presence to slow down, pay attention and notice this moment. Perspective as point of view, to guide our next decisions and actions. Possibility to encourage an open mind and heart as the hours of the day unfold. To continue with the alliteration, I would add promises, practice and patience.

In a culture where we are inundated with advertising and images that promise quick fixes, more success, amazing deals and the keys to happiness, keeping perspective is even more crucial. If we keep looking for the answers from others and items, we come up short. Money and time will be wasted along the way.

Practicing patience and presence shows us that we already have what we need and more. The clothes on our back. Air to breathe. A job we may be heading to or an errand that a working car is making it possible for us to do. Family and friends waiting for our return.

Replace empty promises with the promise of possibility. Move through your day focusing on current blessings and capabilities. A healthier perspective is built through living gratefully. It does take patience, practice and presence, but it is possible.

Consider joining us to share your perspective and hear from others at the next Rivertown Gratefulness Gathering on March 12 at ArtSpace River Lofts in downtown Hastings. The theme for March's gathering is "Practicing Grateful Living: Presence, Perspective, and Possibility."

Gatherings are free and open to the public. We will meet monthly throughout 2019. Each meeting is stand alone, so make the ones that you can. Contact me at for more information or visit

Each person who takes part in a Gratefulness Gathering makes it more than it would have been without you there. We hope to see you on March 12.

Lisa Valentine