To the editor:

Hastings School Board member Kelsey Waits penned a political letter against state Rep. Tony Jurgens recently. Last election cycle, Waits was prominently pictured on campaign literature for nearly every local Democratic candidate - including the one running against Jurgens - so her partisan motives are quite clear.

Waits, part of a very small group of liberals around here who can't accept the 2018 election results, is concerned he opposed the DFL-dubbed "Equal Rights Amendment."

In a recent radio interview, Jurgens said he would have supported the bill had it been based on a person's sex. In other words, demanding state law recognize men and women as equals.

Democrats insisted on the word "gender," then refused to define what "gender" is.

Waits and others want you to believe "sex" and "gender" are identical. They're not.

"Sex" means male or female. "Gender" means whatever you want to identify yourself as.

If the House Democrats' proposal were to become law, there would be nothing legally to stop males that identify as female from competing in girls and women's sports, taking away strides made in women's athletics over the decades. It's not fair and I find this offensive. At what point did allowing boys to compete in girls' sports become acceptable?

Let's use some common sense. If this bill was truly about equality for women and nothing else, ask yourself why the Democrats shot down bill amendments that would have replaced the word "gender" with "sex" or "biological sex at birth." If it was just about women's rights, ask yourself why 11 female representatives voted against it, and why there was bipartisan opposition.

The people who are disappointed that Jurgens was re-elected are hoping you'll believe this alleged equal rights bill is a man versus woman debate. Jurgens' floor votes show he supported men and women being treated equally. The bill that was approved does nothing to lift women up, and quite honestly, it would make things worse.

Kellie Eigenheer

Cottage Grove