To the editor:

Music in Our Schools Month is recognized every March. But the celebration of all that music adds to life is boundless.

It echoes through living rooms, gyms and recital halls, football fields and fairgrounds season after season.

We're so grateful for the opportunities our daughters have had to learn and play music here. When we moved to Farmington 14 years ago, we couldn't have imagined how music education would lift them. Their interests vary, but band lights the way.

Music defies stereotypes we too often place on one another.

The joy that comes from picking up an instrument and translating notes into melody unites kids, no matter the clothes they wear or the circles in which they travel. Band becomes a family, a refuge and a source of pride.

Connections to music build from early childhood: Singing, drumming, playing recorder and ukulele to starting an instrument in fifth grade, then on to lessons, jazz and pops in middle school.

FHS bands are 300 musicians strong, with 150 about to launch a stellar new marching season. Students meet in concert groups every class hour and have the choice of music production and garage band courses.

We're home to the state's largest curricular jazz program, with four ensembles meeting zero hour. Their big-band sound wows audiences and gets residents at Trinity Care Center clapping to Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington.

Leading this dynamic program is Director of Bands Erin Holmes, Associate Director Bradley Mariska and Assistant Director Matt Clark. Love of their life's work is contagious and inspires graduates to continue in music and leave a legacy.

So, when you hear the drumbeat of band practice or see students lugging their cases to bus stops, know the joy that moves them.

Buy spring flowers this month or Heggies pizzas this summer to support band students. Next year, many will discover Spain! They already benefit from dazzling new uniforms funded by this community. Thank you!

Enjoy concerts April 22, May 20 and June 3. The band also has a concert on April 29 at the University of Minnesota. Cheer marchers as they lead the Dew Days Parade on June 15.

Music connects us. Their passion will lift you too.

Nicole Colson


Nicole Colson is the Farmington High School Band Booster president.