To the editor:

Many Woodbury residents have reached out to me or city staff to inquire about the poor condition of the Woodbury Post Office parking lot and adjacent sidewalks. I want to share some information about this property and explain the actions being taken to address the issue.

The Woodbury Post Office is a federally-owned property and the city has no authority to enforce local ordinances on the property. However, city staff has been in contact with United States Postal Service representatives for the Woodbury site, expressing the city's concerns as well as passing along the complaints from residents about the poor condition of the parking lot. The USPS representative explained they are seeking bids for repair and had been patching the lot.

City staff also sought the assistance of U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum's office, since the USPS is under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The condition of the parking lot has continued to degrade, especially given this winter's weather conditions. Our most recent indication from the USPS is that they have submitted the parking lot repair project for approval in 2019 and in the meantime temporary fixes (i.e., filling the potholes with gravel) are being implemented as weather allows.

In a response letter to Congresswoman McCollum, USPS Northland District Manager Anthony Williams stated that resurfacing is planned for 2019. Her office continues to seek priority status for the project, as well as ongoing repairs as needed to maintain safe conditions for residents.

We'll continue to work with the Woodbury Post Office and Congresswoman McCollum's office to ensure these issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Anne Burt


Anne Burt is the mayor of Woodbury.