To the editor:

After celebrating the Affordable Care Act's ninth anniversary last week, we now find the law under attack by the Trump administration's Department of Justice, which announced they will no longer defend the law in court and instead believe the ACA is unconstitutional and should be repealed in its entirety.

Now, congressional Democrats have rolled out a plan to strengthen the Affordable Care Act that would expand federal insurance subsidies and reverse some of the Trump administration's efforts to undermine the health care law. These proposals strike the right tone by avoiding divisive debates within the party on more far flung proposals like Medicare for all and instead focuses on what can be done today to improve health care for millions of Americans.

Both Democrats and Republicans need to come to the table and focus reducing out-of-pocket costs, increasing enrollment opportunities, protect pre-existing conditions, addressing our nation's mental health crisis, and extend insurance eligibility for the middle class. Americans are hungry for Congress to improve the Affordable Care Act, not undermine it with something radically different. Democrats can show the American people we are ready to lead by offering reasonable solutions to improve the law and protect this vital health care policy.

Marsha Swails


Marsha Swails is a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (2007-2011)