To the editor:

Everyday in Minnesota alone, 76 people are diagnosed with cancer. On a national scale, that adds up to 1,735,350 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people taken by the disease just this year. Chances are, you have felt this impact in your own life.

My name is Anna Hren, I am a junior at East Ridge High School and serve as an event lead for South Washington County's Relay For Life event, scheduled for 6 p.m. to midnight Friday, June 7, at East Ridge High School.

Relay For Life is a fun and motivating event that celebrates loved ones who have won their battle against cancer.

We work through the American Cancer Society to raise money for our event. At our event, teams form to raise money and then walk the track for 12 hours, all the way through the night. These teams can be formed by anyone: students, parents, church groups, friends, families and you! We encourage you to form your own team for your business and participate at our event.

The South Washington County Relay fundraising goal for 2019 is $80,000 for our 20th anniversary. This is where you come in: the success of our Relay has always been because of the support of our community volunteers are needed to make this event a success. We need your help, if you can volunteer for an hour or several hours you can join the fight. Nobody wants to fight this battle alone.

Relay For Life is an event full of hope. Together we look forward to a future with less cancer and more birthdays. Every team member, survivor and caregiver at our event still beams with resilience despite their struggles, and we want you to be a part of this incredible community. Will you volunteer? If so, call Diana Tunheim at 651-769-0510 or email

We hope to see you June 7 in the Nest at East Ridge High School.

Anna Hren


Anna Hren is one of the student leaders for the South Washington County Relay For Life.