To the editor: 

One year ago the Red Wing community came together for a broad discussion about drug use, abuse, and addiction. Over 200 people shared their concerns about this societal menace because it had touched their lives. "Needles and Pills" was an award-winning program. But, it was just a start.

Methamphetamine continues to be the No. 1 street drug for self-destruction In Goodhue County. And the price keeps coming down.

The problem with vaping in our schools isn't just tobacco, it's what can come next.

So, why are drugs so overwhelmingly powerful and why can't people escape their grip? Scientific research at the University of Minnesota is finally starting to answer those questions.

On May 29, at the Red Wing Public Library, professor Mark Thomas will present the most current findings from neuroscience to explain what is going on inside the addicted brain. This community discussion will explore the causes and effects of methamphetamine abuse. It will probe the research and explain how recovery can be possible.

The stated purpose of "Needles and Pills" was to create a united front against addiction. Now is another opportunity to come together and explore the front lines of science in order to make our stand count.

Please join us at the library on Wednesday, May 29, at 6 p.m. to discuss how drugs are impacting our community.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Paul Drotos represents Goodhue County Commissioner District 5.