To the editor:

While most workers are guaranteed 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave, just 14 percent of Americans are provided paid leave through their employers. This reality often leaves many in a difficult position as they must struggle to find a balance between their family, job and finances. For instance, if an aging parent suddenly becomes sick or a new child is born, individuals may have to decide between continuing to work or quitting their job to care for them. This is an impossible decision, and it should not be a position that Minnesotans are put in.

I have had a lot of steadfast supporters who have stood by me in tackling this issue of limited access to paid leave - Sen. Karla Bigham is definitely one of them. She has stood by me and supported this issue from the start. I love her candid approach in fighting for this important issue for all Minnesota families. I join Sen. Bigham in our shared belief that Minnesotans should be able to both work and care for themselves and their families. A paid family and medical leave insurance program is a common-sense strategy that allows all workers to do this. Thank you, Sen. Bigham, for your advocacy on this important issue.

Sen. Susan Kent

District 53