To the editor: 

Recently an article ran regarding my pending departure from the Red Wing School District. I am writing to hopefully provide a bit of clarity regarding this situation. The school district, for purposes of protecting itself and the rights of employees, can truly not comment on matters that involve personnel issues.

In regard to my non-renewal: I stand by my professional integrity, the body of work that I did and the duties I performed during my time here. There were no improprieties with staff, students, finances or any other aspects of the activities/athletic director position.

This position within the Red Wing Public Schools is largely an "at will" position. Thus retention or non-renewal could be for any number of things or something as simple as this is not a "good fit."

In fairness to the school district, they did offer me the chance to resign, however, I have done nothing that in my mind would warrant a resignation and I chose to have this remain a non-renewal.

I have been an educational professional my entire career and I take great pride in being student centered and always advocating for the best that we can provide for them. Sometimes, agendas and individuals conflict and change can be tough to undergo, but change also results in growth and a healthier environment.

Lastly, I am proud of what we have done here together in the past two years:

1) a new athletic/activities academic policy requiring better academic performance to be able to participate in activities.

2) A coming (June 2019) refurbish/update of the weight room and strength center with the assistance of Richard Torres.

3) New Winger graphics in the stadium and the gym.

4) Completion of Phase I of the Winger Pride Paver Project.

5). Last, but certainly not least, an upgrade of processes in the activities office, for registration, grade checks, travel and trip scheduling, all in large part due to the help and concerted efforts of Lisa Banks - activities/athletics program assistant.

I have pledged to complete my contract duties in a positive and professional manner and will continue to work hard for our students and programs until June 30.

Red Wing High School has a great student body, faculty and staff and I truly wish them nothing but the best!

Bart Gray

Pepin, Wis.