FYI for Town of Hudson residents


I was honored to have been nominated by newly elected Town Board Chair Don Jordan to fill his vacant supervisor seat on the Town Board. I was not selected - and am perfectly fine with that. That's not the point of this letter - but rather, the selection process is.

Two candidates were nominated. The board never requested any information on our background, experience, skill set, etc. i.e. what we bring to the table to properly represent the citizens of Hudson Township. We weren't even offered the opportunity to address the board to introduce ourselves! So they essentially had no information whatsoever upon which to make an objective decision - yet they voted anyway. Wow - an incredible lack of professionalism!

To make matters worse, the town clerk - an employee of the town, was permitted to vote. So you have an employee helping to decide who will represent us on the Town Board. Granted, by statute the clerk is allowed to vote. But typically that position is an elected official. In our case, the clerk is an employee. As a non-elected official, the clerk's vote was totally inappropriate.

It was a total set up - a total sham, and not how you'd expect your local town leaders to operate. New Town Chair Jordan and Supervisor Fosterling were the only ones who didn't go along with this charade.

Again - I am perfectly fine not being selected (almost glad I wasn't!). But it's important that the citizens of the Town of Hudson know what their town leaders are up to.

Bob Long

Town of Hudson

The Civil War was a Constitutional crisis


The "Full Crisis Mode" narrative reaffirms it's an obviously manufactured crisis by angry Democrats devastated by the "no collusion" conclusion of the Meuller dossier and just cannot let it go. Trafficking in outrageous smears against President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr screams fear and desperation.

James Comey, an angry, disgraced, proven liar and leaker faces serious legal jeopardy. Comey politicized and weaponized the FBI against one political party in favor of another political party, which ought to frighten everyone!

AG Barr assured all Americans "I will get to the bottom of everything behind the investigation into President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign." He'll expose the malfeasance in the Obama-DOJ and FBI. Anti-Trump zealot Comey fears AG Barr. The venomous Trump-hater author likely fears AG Barr, too.

The Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) prevents the disclosure of grand jury information. The Democrats should know that unless Congress' request for Rule 6(e) grand jury material falls squarely into one of the statutory or court-created exceptions, the attorney general - any attorney general - is prohibited from disclosing that material to Congress. The congressional request doesn't fit any of the exceptions.

President Trump, via the Department of Justice, declared executive privilege with regard to the redacted Mueller report. The announcement came after angry, desperate, dangerously incompetent, constitutionally illiterate Democrats began to move forward with their planned contempt vote against AG Barr for supposed failure to comply with their subpoena for the entire Mueller report, including redacted materials.

President Trump's assertion of executive privilege isn't a cover-up attempt. It is AG Barr asking the President to shield him from a contempt charge based on Barr following the law.

Assistant AG Stephen Boyd unequivocally stated "as we have repeatedly explained, the Attorney General could not comply with your subpoena in its current form without violating the law, court rules, and court orders, and without threatening the independence of the Department of Justice's prosecutorial functions."

President Trump and AG Barr are correct on the merits - the Democrats should not see the underlying grand jury material under the Federal Rules.

Thank God for President Trump. MAGA.

Mary Grosenick


'The River is Life' is a hit


Thank you and the staff of RiverTown Multimedia for your extra insert in this week's paper. "The River is Life etc." is an engaging, historic and comprehensive publication well worthy of an award. Very well done.

LaVonne McCombie


Downfall of SPLC


In a classic case of projection, the Southern Poverty Law Center - infamous for creating a hate map that includes Christians and anyone else they disagree with - has been accused by employees and ex-employees of racial discrimination and harassment and more hateful actions. Senior attorney Meredith Horton, the highest ranking African-American woman at the center - resigned; Morris Dees, co-founder - fired; Richard Cohen, president - resigned.

Bob Moser, an ex-SPLC employee, writes in The New Yorker writes of a conversation with a former colleague who never considered speaking out when it happened to her, stating, "a couple of days later, she texted me: 'I'm having SPLC nightmares.' Aren't we all, I thought."

The local SPLC supporters are very quiet regarding these recent revelations. The SPLC is so infamous, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton has asked the IRS to conduct an audit of the SPLC's nonprofit status. We call upon all those who have aligned with or been complicit with the SPLC's defamation to renounce the SPLC for potential defamation of the Citizens for the St. Croix Valley.

Visit for more information on the downfall of the SPLC.

Darla Meyers