To the editor:

Indecision is no way to get something done. That's why successful boards and commissions are filled with an odd number of voting members. This arrangement almost guarantees that decisions are made and things can move forward instead of stalling out in a tie.

When Goodhue County Commissioners Jason Majerus (Goodhue) and Barney Nesseth (Zumbrota) refused to appoint an interim county commissioner for District 1 on May 13, something wrong happened. With the very first split vote since Ron Allen passed away, approximately 9,200 Goodhue County residents lost their representation on the County Board. That is one-fifth of county residents including half of Red Wing citizens. That lack of representation may last anywhere from six to nine months depending on the date for the special election. That is wrong.

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Scott Safe had been filling that interim seat until Allen passed away. Scott was Allen's personal choice as the interim commissioner until an election. Although four individuals are qualified for appointment, only one was nominated by Allen, unanimously approved by the county commission, and has already served effectively in that seat for four months.

Currently there are three elections scheduled for the voters to decide this important issue. Unfortunately, those dates are way out into the future. In the meantime, things need to get done.

I urge citizens to show up at the County Board meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 21, at the Government Center to speak their mind. The appointment is on the agenda. I urge citizens of District 1 (west side of Red Wing and Welch Township) to demand a rightful appointment for representation.

If you can't make the meeting, I ask you to call, write, or email the County Administrator Scott Arneson at 651-385-3250 or in order to be heard for the record.

Now is the time to decide against indecision.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Paul Drotos represents Goodhue County District 5.