Representation for Goodhue County Ward 1 by an appointed county commissioner to fill Ron Allen's vacancy has been denied for many upcoming months until an election is held. The comments by citizens who attended the County Board meeting on May 21, with only one exception, supported the interim appointment of Scott Safe until an election is held. And yet the overwhelming abundance of logical and thoughtful statements did not move two commissioners, namely Jason Majerus and Barney Nesseth, to reconsider and vote yes to the motion to appoint Scott Safe.

Commissioner Nesseth reported that members of the community had contacted him with their comments. He said the pros and cons about the appointment were about 50/50. Nevertheless, he decided to vote no, thus leaving our ward without representation.

Commissioner Majerus did not make one comment defending his vote against the appointment. When asked, he said no one had contacted him.

Commissioners Paul Drotos and Brad Anderson made lengthy statements supporting their decision to vote yes.

I expect that commissioners have a responsibility to explain the positions they take on votes, especially controversial ones, with facts and solid reasoning. Power to affect people's lives is an important responsibility. Actions taken by county commissioners demand explanations that are grounded in state statutes, county rules and regulations, consideration for the well being of the community, and the impact on citizens.

Dianne Aisenbrey

Red Wing