Full disclosure: I threw my hat in the ring for County Board because I was not happy with how this vacancy has been handled by the county. I also offered to withdraw if that would spur an appointment, but they refused to appoint anyone.

Residents of Goodhue County District 1, in the western part of Red Wing and up into Welch, are unrepresented. Two members of the County Board are holding us hostage, refusing to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat. There's talk of wanting to see who all files for the Special Election, but no commitment to appoint after the filing deadline.

The County Board as a whole has stalled, and waited to act until long after they should have declared a vacancy-our elected commissioner last served in November. Because of the delay, a special election won't occur until November (a full year after Commissioner Ron Allen took leave). If more than two people file, then a primary will be held in November and the election won't occur until February.

We need representation, and there's a well-qualified pool to pick from. No excuses-don't leave us in the lurch.

A disturbing note from the board hearing on May 13. Ted Siefert, a former commissioner voted out of office and not a resident of District 1, attempted to speak, requiring several admonishments, even from County Attorney's Office, that the hearing was for District 1 residents only. I've heard he may "move" and run for the District 1 seat. No, just don't. No carpetbaggers.

Live in District 1? Call Commissioner Barney Nesseth (507-721-0118 or 507-990-7578) and Commissioner Jason Majerus (651-923-5185) and let them know we need representation, and we need it now. If you live in Districts 3 or 4, let Commissioners Nesseth and Majerus know how you feel about their failure to appoint a representative for District 1.

And in the meantime, for county issues, District 1 residents should be contacting all of the County Board with your concerns-that may spur them to act!

Come November, District 1, get out and vote. Our District 1 representation depends on each and every vote-your vote makes the difference.

Carol A. Overland

Red Wing