To the editor:

It's been two weeks since two commissioners decided that District 1 does not need representation. It's difficult to comprehend why some 9,000 residents and companies do not receive a voice in their daily matters.

I am humbled and honored to have been a friend of Commissioner Ron Allen. He was an asset to Goodhue County and the people residing in it. He asked me to assume his role as interim commissioner of District 1 for what we hoped would be a short time while he focused his energy on his health. It was an incredible opportunity to be a representative for the people of District 1. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the community.

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Many people offered support and kind words.

Commissioner Paul Drotos is one of the most motivated and passionate individuals I've had the privilege to work with. He cares about the community and his heart is truly in the right spot. Commissioner Brad Anderson has been a mentor and a wealth of knowledge. County Administrator Scott Arneson and his staff were always available to answer questions regarding Goodhue County agenda items.

People contributed educated and well thought out letters regarding representation of District 1. Those who attended County Board meetings shared their thoughts and opinions.

The Prairie Island Tribal Council and President Shelley Buck wrote letters of support. The morning coffee clutch crew signed a letter of recommendation supporting my appointment, and Jeff Cole presented on their behalf at the County Board meeting.

My interim role was truly about continuing Commissioner Ron Allen's legacy. His mentorship was unparalleled and he will be greatly missed. I would like the opportunity to continue carrying out his legacy.

Scott Safe

Red Wing