To the editor:

As a resident of Goodhue County District 1 - Ron Allen's district - I have no representation in county government at this time. None of us in District 1 has representation since Mr. Allen's death in April.

The County Board now has four commissioners, a perfect set up for tie votes resulting in no action being taken. Minnesota statutes determine that each county shall have an odd number of commissioners, and that the county may appoint a person between a vacancy and a special election. Since the vote on the appointment of an interim commissioner at the May 21 meeting was tied, no appointment was made.

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The special election process could run into February, depending on the number of candidates. County business, including budget and taxation, goes on. Residents of District 1 of Goodhue County will have no representation in those talks. And the county will be susceptible to tie votes, and no actions taken.

If you agree that District 1 residents should have representation, please let your commissioners know.

Pat Tieskoetter

Red Wing