To the editor:

As the end of the month is fast approaching us; many of us within the community are wondering about the fate of our school district.

On June 19, our superintendent will be officially announcing his retirement and it will be up to the school board to decide to rehire him or replace him.

As someone new to the community and one that has five children within the district, I have come to question my decision to start our new chapter of life in the city of Hastings.

What does the future hold for our district? Yes, the district has seen some positive things within the last 15-plus years, but there has also been negative things. When our board is faced with the decision to accept Tim Collins' resignation and rehire him for a new chapter in our school district; what do you think they should do? Every time I think of this question, I think of my children.

Do I want them in a district were enrollment is going down?

Do I want my children in a district that seems to have more and more staff leaving each year?

Do I want my children in a district where there is lack of accountability from higher administrative staff?

Would rehiring Mr. Collins back ease my mind on all my questions and uncertainty? I'll answer that one, "No." I don't know Mr. Collins personally, I don't know any of the board members, but I do know that I want the best for my children's educational future.

Before the board decides the district's fate, I expect a thorough evaluation of Mr. Collins performance and compensation as compared to other districts. I also expect the community to be involved in the process.

Amber Lavergne