To the editor:

Mayo Clinic Health System has stated from the beginning of its acquisition in Red Wing that they have intended to vacate the property at 1407 W. Fourth St. (formerly the St. John's Hospital). They are currently working with a real estate development consulting firm based out of Minneapolis to convert this property into a 110 unit housing project.

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Please take the time to drive all the way around this property. It's an eyesore! If Mayo was truly concerned about its presence in Red Wing, why not tear this building down and work with the city to establish a park on this property? The nearest public playground is Bay Point, which is certainly not a safe or viable bike ride for neighborhood children.

Why not give the property to a local builder that employs local people to put in single-family homes in the established neighborhood of single family homes?

As a Red Wing resident, do you really want another East End in West End? Are we going to want it on the south side of town next?

Consider the future of pretty Red Wing. You, the citizens, will be here to deal with the results of this long after the people now making plans and decisions for you are gone.

Becky Kirtz

Red Wing