Ellsworth community - thank you!


On behalf of the Ellsworth American Legion Auxiliary, I want to thank the Ellsworth community for supporting the Ellsworth American Legion Auxiliary. On May 23 we distributed poppies in various locations in the Village and YOU generously contributed to assist veterans and their families.

Three-quarters of the funds raised through poppy distribution are used for veterans and their families in this community and the remainder supports veteran hospitals and homes.

People also supported our fundraiser at the food stand at Nilssen's grocery store. Again we will be able to do even more to assist veterans and their families because of your support.

Thank you for your generosity and support of veterans in our community!

Phyllis Beastrom


Ellsworth American Legion Auxiliary Unit 204

Don't pretend to be a friend to public education


In a rush to sell themselves as the defenders of public K-12 education assembly representatives from the Gerrymander's Official Party (GOP) have been sending press releases to various media outlets to support this notion and their version of the state education budget which is considerably less than Gov. Evers requested. Rep . Petryk submitted his defense and praise of the GOP K-12 budgeting in the June 5, 2019 issue of the Herald. Accompanying his defense of the GOP's generosity to public K-12 education was half of a bar graph showing a continual rise from the 2011-13 budget to their current proposal.

It is only half of the graph however. The whole graph can be found in various places, but searching @NewsMacIver for their assessment of recent K-12 budget history published Oct. 31, 2018, and one can see the whole graph for "K-12 Spending in Wisconsin Budgets." It illustrates spending from the 03-05 budget to the present. MacIver'sresearch indicates that the GOP's K-12 cut from the 09-11 budget was so severe that it took budgeting for education back to 03-05 levels. Furthermore, MacIver's analysis indicates that after adjusting for inflation the budget for public education had not yet been restored to 09-11 levels.

In conclusion, there may be legitimate reasons for slashing away at public education, but the GOP should not pretend they have been friends to our local public schools. They can't have it both ways. Therefore, Rep. Petryk's portrayal of his votes as a defender of public education and the "proof" he provided is either intentionally deceptive, a disingenuous overstatement or representation that he doesn't know the whole story. Hopefully it is the latter as the other two are too sinister and we would have to begin referring to the rep from the 93rd as "Wiley" Warren Petryk.

And for the defenders of this policy who focus on the size of recent increases look at it this way. If you made $15 and hour and you were cut to $10 an hour and then were given raises over the next four years of $1, $1, $1.25, $1.75 per hour and your boss pointed out that the last two were the largest raises ever given, would you be any better off?

Ron Ginsbach


Digging a grave for all of us


Britain's government in its stumble over leaving the European Union may be nearly as dysfunctional as our own, but on one score at least the UK has its priorities straight.

The Washington Post reports that outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, in one of her last acts in office, has committed Britain to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the first of the Group of Seven advanced economies to set this goal.

Britain is far from alone in its determination to address the increasingly urgent climate emergency.

Internationally speaking, if anyone is alone, it's us, the United States, in our refusal to face one of humankind's greatest existential threats. In no other nation on earth, Robinson Meyer, Associate Editor of the Atlantic Monthly has pointed out, has a conservative center-right party hardened around a position of climate change denial. We alone, with our Denier-in-Chief, have damagingly and disgracefully isolated ourselves from the effort to save our planet for future generations.

Future generations, in fact, are leading the charge in Britain. The Post reports, "Major protests ... including by children skipping school to march through cities, have helped push climate change toward the top of the political agenda."

A recent Gallup poll suggests that two-thirds of U.S. adults believe that climate change is real and want our government to take meaningful action. So why do so many of our politicians have their heads stuck in the sand? Could it be that Britain has a more responsive, active democracy than ours?

The GOP refusal to take climate change seriously may be digging a grave for all of us. Those who've cynically supported our anti-science president may find that tax cuts and stacked courts don't matter when there's nothing left to buy and no rule of law left to uphold.

Thomas R. Smith

River Falls



"Nothing in this world is more dangerous than Ignorance." One of the driving forces of Hitler was, "if you say it over and over enough times the Ignorant will believe you." It has nothing to do with truth just repetition of what you want the ignorant to believe. The person promoting this kind of turmoil knows the ignorant will not check out the facts because of the lack of time or the lack of the total disregard of the truth.

As Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the truth."

When I hear "the enemy of the people" being spewed by DT like it's one of his business competitors that has to be eliminated, I think back to when one of my companies was being ripped off. The main individual instrumental in the accusations of individuals of the theft was

the one, we later realized, was the thief. When the Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley Wisconsin was continually being bombarded with excessive government obstacles, it was one individual that didn't want the competition, the government was just being used for his personal gain by his internal connections, I later found out.

One precedent that will never change and it stays consistent, "Follow the money." Ignorance is the true enemy of the people.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley