To the editor: 

I am disappointed but unsurprised to see that the new Red Wing Mississippi crossing will likely be named the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor.

Having worked on the design of bridge as part of the Visual Quality Assessment Committee, our team worked to make sure the bridge design would fit well in its surroundings. Having never gone to war with Wisconsin, I fail to see how naming the bridge to honor our town's thirst for war is not simply duplicating the many other public places in Red Wing already named in honor of the military.

I propose the bridge be more accurately named the He Mni Can Bridge after the original Dakota name for Barn Bluff and the area surrounding it, as the bridge was designed to highlight the beauty of the bluff and river. But, seeing as Red Wing is still in denial of its Native American heritage, I also propose to name the bridge after the LGBTQ members of our military who have served in our country well while also facing discrimination, and call it the Eisenhower Bridge of Gay Valor.

Max Christensen

Red Wing

Max Christensen is a former member of the Visual Quality Assessment Committee of the Red Wing Bridge Project.