To the editor: 

Jim Pumarlo raises valid points in his exceptionally well-structured explanation of recent School Board diffusion, perhaps obfuscation (RE, June 12).

Is this approach to a most significant neighborhood plan symptomatic of undue authoritarian tendencies, or more simply, techniques of obfuscation that indicate embedded personality issues not conducive to public trust? This issue's most recent events and evaluations require a greatly enhanced explanation of process and rationale and preferences, public and otherwise.

Citizens of Red Wing, demand another round of public explanation of rationale ... with questions accepted. Please also note: In public property sales, the highest bid is not always the best acceptable bid.

That sentiment is, in fact, a key rationale in existing Minnesota statute regarding such sales agreements. The highest bid is not to simply be considered the most worthy bid, and can be ignored in favor of a more suitable bids with respect to objectives, priorities and other valid local issues, regardless of nominal dollar value of bids.

Jim Million

Fridley, Minn.