To the editor:

I have read several letters to the editor regarding vacant Commissioner District 1 here in Goodhue County. The letter from our mayor and City Council went way over the top. This very situation happens all too often as judges retire and the governor appoints their replacement. This regularly grants favor come the next election cycle. We the people ought to vote in our judges and representatives.

If anything needs to be replaced, it's those goofy state laws that dictate when, where and why we can hold special elections.

OPINIONS: Representative government is a fundamental principle ... and is lacking in Goodhue County | Interim role is about continuing Ron Allen's legacy with Goodhue County | Lack of representation already produces no-action tie votes

May I add, for anyone from the Red Wing City Council to point their finger at the county commissioners to label them as dysfunctional, is laughable. How clean is their slate?

Have we also forgotten not too long ago when this very question was put on the ballot for Red Wing residents regarding the open mayor's seat? Eighty percent voted to elect rather than appoint. This was for the weak mayoral office with less authority than a county commissioner.

Why didn't the same council of a year ago insist on appointments of their vacant seats? Then too we were left with those goofy state rules leaving us with a confusing path to vote in the new council.

Seems the established government think they know better than the citizens that put them in office.

Ernie Stone

Red Wing