Trump deportation


I write this in total disbelief! What I just heard on TV this morning is unbelievable! The idea that the President would order the round up and deportation of "millions" of undocumented persons in the "land of the free and the brave" is unbelievable! Where are we?

For those of you who remember history when the Nazis were ordered to invade homes to find Jews and send them away! Or, as we learned, drag them to concentration camps to await their death. For these "millions" who would be deported, it would be a kind of death.

Empathy! What happened to it, that is, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" These people the President wants to deport are human beings like you and I, not numbers. Families, mothers, fathers with children who, like all of us, have the same feelings of wanting love, safety, community, who laugh, cry, work, study etc. Not the kind of people Trump has called them! They are not just numbers for rallies and headlines! It gives me the picture of authority figures, knocking on the door of a home to look at documents! Are you legal, where did you come from? Dragging people to deportation camps! Have you heard of the conditions where the governor today has put the children awaiting asylum? Can you imagine the tears, the fright these people would feel. Can you remember hearing of the Jews being dragged out of their homes? No matter your religion, your political affiliations, this is inhumane treatment, not American! And how can the Republicans in Washington, members of families, go along with this?

We can act! We must act! Contact your political representative in Washington! Email, Call! Tell him/her, this is not America! Never mind the politics, the logistics and expense to deport "millions" of people but what are we saying to the world! This is the United States of America, a nation under God. I pray that no matter what your political leanings are, parents, grandparents, you will FEEL the pain of the millions of people whose way of life is being threatened. And some

may be our neighbors! STOP in the name of all we stand for in this country! STOP in the name of the goodness of humanity. Where is love, where is empathy? Why is it so easy to spread hate and prejudice and so difficult to spread love and feel empathy!

PS. I wrote this before, Trump, his rally being over, announced that this action would be delayed for two weeks. Can we stop this?

Rev. Barbara de Souza

River Falls

Who are we becoming? Stand up, Christians!


I'm not "religious." I try to "walk my talk." But I can't be silent when I see something so wrong it shakes me to the core! What's happening to our nation's moral compass? We may feel our immigration system is broken or we're "sick of illegals," but I can't believe we approve of the unjust incarceration of children, separated from parents, stacked like cordwood in unsanitary, overcrowded "holding tanks" at the border.

Trump LIES when he says, "I ended family separation." Really? We have reliable information (NYT, Dickerson) that hundreds of kids at a Clinton,Texas facility are living in lice-ridden, freezing, filthy squalor without soap, toothpaste, beds, blankets, hygiene, adequate food or water for over a month. They're cold, dirty, hungry, dehydrated, sick and traumatized with few staff to comfort them. We would not treat our pets like this, nor want our children to experience this, were the tables turned.

Trump thinks intolerable detention conditions, despite the LEGAL status of seeking asylum, will deter Central Americans fleeing dire conditions in their home country, largely caused by historic US meddling. These people aren't migrants, they're REFUGEES!

Adult refugees are suffering, too; 900 detainees in a facility designed for 125, cells designed for 35 holding 155? According to international law, this is TORTURE!

We Christians must stand up for these people! Children must NOT be used as "political pawns" to access more Wall/ICE funding. Jesus' mandate to care for "strangers among us" (Matthew 25:42) is a clear indication we're walking in "faith and love"(John 3:5). Regardless of political affiliation, how well are we "walking our faith?" Ironically, even Somali pirates provide soap and toothpaste for captives!

If we expect a welcome in heaven, let's start with justice and hospitality, here, NOW. Call the White House. Declare, "This treatment of children is UNACCEPTABLE!" Do nothing? We're as guilty as the perpetrators. Deuteronomy 27:19 reminds "Cursed is he who distorts justice due an alien, widow or orphan." Let's speak our faith to the White House. Christ would mandate no less.

Linda M. Alvarez

River Falls