Explain to me


This morning I read article "Abortions decreased 2% last year" in the Pioneer Press. Part of the article described the three aborted babies as being born alive. One of the babies was given comfort through a "comfort plan." My question is "How do you comfort the baby born alive after an abortion who you intended to be dead in the first place?" The other two babies were unable to survive outside the womb but not told how they were left to die. Please Planned Parenthood and others who do abortions, explain to me what exactly do you do with the little ones who are born alive and all those born dead as planned.

Synnove Williamson

River Falls

People need to look past Trump's smokescreen

I don't understand why anyone is baffled by Donald Trump's lack of integrity. He has several ex-wives and he liked them - at least at one time. Why would he treat people he doesn't know any better than his wife, in his case, wives?

He misbehaved so much when he was young his parents put him in a military boarding school, he wiggled his way out of the military draft, bankrupted numerous contractors who worked for him, disrespected women and now disrespects our allies and supports and expresses his love for dictators who eliminate their opposition or anyone that disagrees with them.

He expresses his wish that "His people would show him the respect that the North Korean people show their dictator." He wants everyone to express "Make America Great Again," but before he pushed that, he had it trademarked - Registration Number 4773272, for his purposes and now "Keep America Great" - Number 87305551.

Why can't people see through the smokescreen of lies and deceit?

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley