To the editor: 

The news we hear each day about the tensions between the United States and Iran remains very troubling. The U.S. ratchets up these tensions by imposing increasingly tougher sanctions on Iran to strangle their economy, which of course injures Iran's people more that it does its leaders.

I cannot think of a situation where sanctions have ever prevented a war but they usually are the beginnings of one. No one argues that a war with Iran would be bad for the entire world. It could easily create a much larger conflict because Iran has allies, chiefly Russia.

No group wants to prevent a war more than our soldiers. They have been fighting an unending war that shows little positive results but all at tremendous costs. Some soldiers are beginning to question the United States goals and strategies. They are also beginning to question if they are really fighting for our "freedom."

Are there really no costs we wouldn't bear for freedom? World War II was a cost we certainly had to bear. Every war since then has been undeclared by Congress against countries who did not attack us or even have the capacity to attack our mainland as we did theirs.

There has to be a limit to what Americans can bear. We need to be "free" from the burden of massive debt caused by runaway military spending and the loss of life.

There are military people asking these questions and many more would be doing the same if they had the courage to do so. There is one I know of and his name is Major Danny Sjursen. Danny has seen it all in leading our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and teaching at West Point in an 18-year career in the Army. He questions our country's purpose and has done so while on active duty. Go to or The Nation to see his many commentaries.

However you could come to Peacestock on July 20 at the Hobgoblin Barn to hear him in person. Go to the website to get more information.

We have another person speaking at Peacestock as well-Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army and diplomat in foreign service as well as an ambassador. She left her post in protest of the beginning of the 2002 Iraq War. She has been all over the world where she has exposed the ineptness (and sometimes cruelty) of U.S. foreign policy. Ann is an outstanding speaker who has so much knowledge about American Empire.

The Hobgoblin Barn will be full.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing