To the editor:

Last Friday, I was visiting my parent's house in Hastings and accidentally let the dog out. This particular dog, Sandy, thinks it is a fun game to run away when he has a chance. As I was chasing him (for more than two hours), I met so many wonderful people. Up and down Zweber Lane, 15th Street, 14th Street, Park Lane, Lyn Way and Pine Street - numerous times! Since my hands were full following the dog, I didn't have the chance to properly express my gratitude.

I know that we all have busy lives, places to go, and things to do - so it meant a lot for those that took a few minutes to try and help me out.

Thank you for your kindness if you were any of the following people:

• If you slowed down/stopped your car in the middle of the street to avoid hitting Sandy

• If you opened your car door to try and get Sandy to come inside

• If you parked, got out of your car, and tried to call Sandy to you

• If you were one of the people playing in the field near Pinecrest, and stopped your game to try and catch Sandy (especially the woman who was afraid of dogs and still helped!)

• If you were the police officer on Pine Street who was following us for a while and making sure traffic was aware of the dog bolting through the streets

• If you were the guy who handed me a bunch of dog treats to try and help bring him in

• If you were the woman on 15th Street who offered a ride as I was bringing him back home (with no leash)

While I was beyond frustrated with the dog at the end of our "adventure" - I was just as impressed by the people of this community. Thank you so much! And rest assured, Sandy is safely back home.

Mindy Leadholm