What a true blessing it was to read that U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy would willingly choose to give up his seat on that august body to be able to be with his pregnant wife, Rachel, and the baby she is carrying after learning that this precious child has potential complications due to a heart condition. For a man in a high governmental position to make that kind of a sacrifice is truly remarkable. To talk about his “first love and responsibility” being to his wife and their unborn child shows the voters in Wisconsin the kind of compassionate, godly man Duffy is and affirms him as the man this state has been fortunate to have serve us!

As voters, let us unite in prayer for that family and that we are able to find someone of a similar caliber to fill his vacancy.

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And thank you too, Star-Observer, for printing the letter from reader Nancy Dannecker of Maiden Rock for her affirmation of the achievements of our often controversial President Donald Trump. While probably not the “smoothest" or most sophisticated man that has ever sat in that office, his unabashedly prolife stance is to be praised, he continues to stand strong against ISIS and other would-be murderers, and his support of Israel is a message to the world that anti-semitism has no place on this planet.

Thank you, writer Dannecker, for reminding us of the good and great things our president has done to continue to keep this nation the strongest, most blessed nation in the history of the world.

Meredith Berg