The manure digester push is on again, this time in Pleasant Valley Township.

A year or so ago, they tried to get it placed in Rush River Township. The meeting that night was so full that there was standing-room only, even out in the hallway. The debate went on with the presenter depicting a glorious scenario of how well this will benefit the area. It was all baloney and none of us were buying it.

Dozens of manure-filled trucks converging on a certain area will only bring the daily aroma of liquid manure -- not like now where it occurs only a very few times per year. What about spillage? What about the deterioration of the roads? What true value will it provide this area? Easy answer: None. Property values around this monstrosity will plummet and sellers will have a very difficult time finding a buyer.

The next meeting at the St. Croix County Government Center on Carmichael Road in Hudson will be 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 26.

Concerned citizens and everybody against the manure digester need to attend that meeting. Apparently, no input from citizens will be allowed, however a high attendance of those against could be carrying written signs/placards that say “No to digester” (or similar) and it might have the desired effect and ensure that it’s voted down once more..

Lee Christianson