We have a population of less than 17,000 and don’t have numerous people running for office. Have you asked yourself why the council and League of Women Voters want ranked-choice voting in Red Wing? Why do they want to confuse the easy one-vote/one-candidate process with complicated ranked voting?

Why do they want you the taxpayer to bear the expense of implementing a new voting process when the current process works fine?

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The people of Red Wing do not want Minneapolis politics coming here. We want one vote for one candidate. Please keep it simple!

How many of your elected officials reached out to you before they took the Sept, 23 vote? Did they send you an email or reach out to you via snail mail, how about a phone call, or did they knocked on your door to ask? No. They think the LWV did that job for them, but I didn’t elect the LWV to represent me.

The city has technology in place to send out a survey via SurveyMonkey. But did our elected officials use technology to connect with We the People? No.

The city has the City Beat newsletter. Was there any mention of RCV in this communication piece? No.

They have an agenda, and they are hoping that We the People are busy with our jobs, busy paying our taxes, and busy taking care of families. They were counting on the topic flying under the radar so We the People did not show up on Sept. 23, 2019, for the first reading.

Who was invited to address the council? A paid employee from FairVote, Jeanne Massey, the executive director, was asked by LWV to speak at our City Council meeting.

I like the way we vote in Pretty Red Wing: one vote for one candidate.

Shelley Pohlman

Red Wing