In many ways our school board will be starting a new chapter in 2020. They will be responsible for hiring a new superintendent and together they will be establishing a clear vision and goals for the future of the district.

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For this reason, more than in the past, we need to educate ourselves before we vote. This is not a popularity contest. This board will need specific skills and a strong desire to improve our education for all students. Here are just a handful of things to consider:

  1. We have had a few issues take center stage in the last year that may have prompted some candidates to run for election. A solid choice will be able to evaluate all of the issues and not focus on one or two.

  2. Is this person genuinely interested only in the job at hand or are they using this as an opportunity to pursue a political office or another job in a year or two?

  3. Does this person have the experience and leadership skills required?

  4. Will this person simply “rubber stamp” the new superintendent’s proposals or will they ask the hard questions and hold him/her accountable?

  5. Will this person maintain a relationship with the district teachers and families and respond to conflicts and concerns timely and respectfully?

Please vote carefully.

Kathy King