Some weeks ago a letter writer felt that Supt. Tim Collins should reimburse the district for the periods when his superintendent’s license lapsed. I disagree. He did not refrain from working during those times. During that entire time, Mr. Collins continued to report to work and provide direction and leadership to our district. His dedication to the district and our students remained the same, with or without a signature on a document which was more perfunctory than anything else.

Collins, and the various boards during his tenure, have provided strong and positive leadership over many years, covering periods in which ISD 200 had to maintain programs, staff and buildings during lean years in which the state legislature reduced, or withheld, funding for both political and budget purposes.

Several times during these periods, in order to keep the district from drastic budget cuts that would have decimated the ability to continue programs and equipment to ensure our district students were not denied the highest quality education, Collins and the boards proposed referendums to district voters in which they were asked to raise their own taxes. This was not an easy task. Some of these were at a time when the economy was heading toward a deep recession. Yet, through the dedicated efforts of Mr. Collins and other district leaders, the voters were invited to, and attended, informational meetings in which the case was strongly put forward covering the urgent needs and financial difficulty the district faced. Each time, the voters were inspired to support the district and voted to approve the funding: high-quality education and ISD students were the winners. Because of these efforts, our students leave school with the best preparation and tools with which to move on with their lives, and at some point will likely be community leaders.

In my view, Tim Collins has served with distinction, dedication and purpose. We have been fortunate to have him as our district superintendent all these years, and I am sorry to see him leave. I wish the best for him.

Bob Reinardy

New Trier