President Donald Trump is unfit for office. This we all essentially know. (See all Republicans comments before his presidency.)

Unfit is an adjective, maybe unsuitable is best.

I’m a conservative, who voted for every Republican up until the thrice-married, six-time bankrupt, Reform-party flirting, Democrats-donating, Clinton family friend descended the elevator to the GOP nomination.

Character counts, always has. Trump, wrote Bill Buckley, “When he looks at a glass, he is mesmerized by its reflection” .

The president is lucky in his enemies. “The Squad” what a gift! The lunges and lurches of the Democrats to the left allows Trump to maintain support. Conservative action from judges to tax policy to deregulation has occurred on occasion. Bully!

But how can a conservative square angry, addled rage tweets, incompetence in staff retention, ignorance in broader policy (tariffs!) and continued culture coarsening? The president when shackled by Preibus, Mattis, McMaster, Tillerson, Haley, Kelly with Ryan and McConnell was able to somewhat stay between the buoys. Now, the ship is rudderless, mostly excited for carnival tours (I mean, campaign stops) and single-handedly reversing Middle East policy with zero proper prior planning.

I understand why Republicans supported him in 2016. I have no idea why Republicans would in 2020.If re-elected, he will take you to autocratic places you never dreamed possible. (DJT loves China, Russia, North Korea strongman rule). A Republican Congress can stop most of a Warren legislative assault, but will be unable to stop a petulant populist personally possessed to destroy what many once sought to conserve.

Where do we start? Implore and question local representatives from Assembly upward not to defend the president or support him personally. We can both be for a tax cut and against public shaming of women. We can be vigorously pro life and not for virulent anti-immigration language. “All politics is local,” said a Massachusetts speaker of the House. True. Then we must ask local representative to to reject Trump the man, tribalism in general.

Nick Carow

River Falls