Red Wing Youth Outreach runs mentoring programs at Red Wing High School, Twin Bluff Middle School, and Tower View Alternative School. Due to the massive success of the program, we are in need of more mentors.

Our mentoring program is designed to involve community caring adult volunteer mentors in our approach to connecting and impacting the lives of youth. Staff facilitates in-school mentoring sessions for mentors to meet with students two times a month and out-of-school activities and community-based mentoring activities for mentors to meet with students one time a month. These sessions include large and small group activities, large and small group discussions that are age-level appropriate, and time for youth and mentors to connect one-on-one.

The heart of this program is to help bridge the gap for students who feel disconnected from their community, by providing another caring adult in their lives to help them navigate middle school, high school and transition successfully into early adulthood. We teach social and emotional learning skills to help our youth grow stronger in their relationships with their peers, family and community.

For the 2018-2019 school year, 102 youth participated in the Mentoring Program. These youth increased skills related to positive identity and values, commitment to learning, social competencies, and empowerment. They also reported that their outward level of perceived support increased: 78% of the youth said that this program helps them plan ahead and make good choices about their future.

For 2019 there are even more youth interested in having a mentor. We have an urgent need for more mentors! We have kids signed up, but no mentor to meet with them.

Will you consider being a mentor? Please email or call 651-388-3371.

Mandy Arden

Red Wing

Mandy Arden is director of Red Wing Youth Outreach.