Red Wing City Council, keeps taxpayers top of mind

George Hintz was right! (RE, Nov. 9) It really is time to stop unnecessary spending!

When un-elected members of our city's boards and commissions make recommendations that advance their own personal agendas, our City Council just goes along with their nonsense and we taxpayers have to foot the bill.

Can we really afford a million dollars (or more) so there can be a "bridge" from Old West Main to Baypoint?

Must we save the wretchedly deteriorated Bremseth building just because it's old?

Should we spend more than $5,000 to bring a "transgender activist" to town so he/she can address city boards and commissions at the library, lunch included, and also speak to our high school health classes?

Would ranked choice voting be significantly better than the system we have now?

Why build electric vehicle charging stations that would subsidize folks who can obviously afford to drive new cars?

It really is time for our council to think about us hard-pressed taxpayers!

Barb Betcher

Red Wing

RWHS honored to welcome veterans

On Nov. 8, Red Wing High School hosted our third annual Community Veterans Day, along with co-hosts Hiawatha Valley Family Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Minnesota State College Southeast and Red Wing American Legion, with a goal of honoring our local veterans while educating our students on the importance of this holiday.

This event was amazing and was truly a community effort. Students filled the sides of the gymnasium, while the gym floor was VIP seating for over 200 local veterans and their families. It began with the posting of the colors by the Red Wing Civil Air Patrol. This brought the students and guests in the gym to complete silence as everyone paid respects to the flag. The rest of the program included beautiful musical arrangements by the MSCS Patriot Brass, RWHS band and Ovation choral group, recognition of staff and local veterans and a keynote address by Sfc. Lance Garrick and his wife. Renee. Lance and Renee did a repatriation presentation that told the story of Cpl. Gudmund Johnson Jr., a Korean War POW/MIA soldier whose remains were recently identified. It was extremely educational and moving to hear the story of the sacrifices of Johnson and his family.

The entire program was very inspirational and reminded everyone of the thanks we owe to those who have served our country.

As a staff member, I felt extremely proud of our students all week. They really took these opportunities to learn and to show gratitude to our veterans. Our staff also did an amazing job of educating them and guiding them through the week’s events. Great job, Red Wing High School!

It was an honor to have so many local veterans join us in our building to be honored. This is a fabulous tradition and proof of the amazing things that can happen when a community joins together for a cause.

Kristin Bray


Kristin Bray teaches at Red Wing High School.