CNN seen in school

We are very concerned that Red Wing School District is promoting propaganda as news in our public school, and as a family had no idea of the promotion of CNN news.

CNN10 is the only news source some students are exposed to. CNN is a biased news network and the students are exposed to 10 minutes a day, five days a week.

The CNN logo is constantly in their face. This influence is purposeful and targets our impressionable youth to have a certain political learning.

We would like to form a coalition to address this situation. If you are interested in joining this alliance, please call 651-388-3116 or 715-448-3008.

Leave this political bias out of school.

Bob and Anne Ramseth

Stockholm & Red Wing

Sacrifice, lives or money?

As I returned in from working out in the cold I decided to warm up by reading some of the news articles on my phone. One that stuck out and caused me to warm up faster than a stressful work out was Donald Trump Jr. reminiscing how touched he was as he drove past Arlington Cemetery and thought of all the “sacrifices” his family have made over the years. The “money” his family has lost because of his family’s service to our country. I often wonder what DT’s family would have to do or say to make the Trumpeteers say, “That’s enough.”

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley