Remembering ice rinks

The viewpoint by Mr. McCleary explaining why there will no longer be any neighborhood ice skating rinks brought back memories (RE, Nov. 9), but also left me feeling disappointed and even somewhat confused.

We all know the value of fresh air and exercise. Skating rinks are great for that, especially for younger people. He is right regarding our winters.

Growing up in South End, I would guess we had about three months of good ice on the rink, which is now called the Carol Ann Pirius South Park Skating Rink. We know that that many days of skating ice is not possible, but even if it was reduced to a month and one half, it would be a lot of days and a place to be outside and get exercise for everyone that desires.

He states that flooding rinks means paying overtime and is no longer cost effective. While not saying he is wrong, it is confusing. Why was our city able to flood and maintain at least four neighborhood rinks for decades, but now can’t afford even one for a month and one half or so?

Karl E. Brunner

Red Wing

Grateful a woman stopped to lend aid

Many thanks to the woman who stopped to help my husband, Rich, who'd spun out on the ice during white-out snow conditions and landed in the ditch on his way back from deer hunting. Her name is Simone (we couldn't find her last name) and the incident occurred between Frontenac and Red Wing on the afternoon of Nov. 13.

He wasn't hurt although he needed a tow truck. He'd lost his cellphone so was traveling without a communication device.

She called 911 for him and then waited until the sheriff's department came, the tow truck was on its way, and everything was under control. Big thanks to you, Simone, for helping a stranger in need! Siewerts Towing made temporary repairs and got him back safely on the road home.

Julie Zuehlke

Alexandria, Minn.

Turkey Trot fun run

A great way to start off Thanksgiving is to participate in the Red Wing Turkey Trot fun run/walk on Thanksgiving morning. It starts at 8:15 a.m. and the proceeds all go to help support our local cross-country ski clubs here in Red Wing.

It is a non-timed "out and back” type of event with distances of 1K, 3K and 5K choices. Children will be able to pick up a unique turkey "goodie bag” and collect items as they go around a portion of Bay Point park.

Registration can be done ahead of time online through: by putting in the name of the event -- Red Wing Turkey Trot -- or you can register the Thanksgiving Day for $5 more by going to the Red Wing YMCA. T

The YMCA is opening its doors at 7 a.m. and once registration is done, everyone walks together down to the start line at Levy Park.

Participants are welcome to enjoy free food and hot beverages before and after the event at the YMCA. For more information, please call 651-764-3491.

Heather Nagel

Red Wing