I need something interesting to read. We are living in a very interesting time. Surely you have an opinion on that.

The 32 pages of the new consolidated newspaper The Star-Observer serves Hudson, River Falls, New Richmond, and towns in between such as Somerset and Star Prairie. It publishes approximately the following pages: five of classified ads and paid ads, three of government notices, one of church notices, one of meetings and a pastor’s column, one of health information, one of hunting articles, five of town sports, one of obituaries, one of various community stories, one editorial and “chit-chat” columns, eight of local stories from the various towns, and one of letters.

I am not interested in most of those pages. The letters to the editor are the most interesting. I would like to see more letters to the editor. Although in my last letter to the editor I was under the 350 word limit but the paper still deleted two sentences and altered a third.

None the less the letters to the editor are the most interesting part of the paper. Please write more letters to the editor.

Cheryl Maplethorpe