I recently read a letter to the editor in the Nov. 7 issue from Vic Flynn of Hudson.

I agree and see the hypocrisy in my city spending millions of dollars removing hydroelectric dams, a source of renewable energy, and then turn around and annually pay thousands of dollars to buy the same renewable energy from someone else. And then pat ourselves on the back and say that we are the "greenest city in the state of Wisconsin.”

What I disagree with Mr. Flynn is his statement that the "trout anglers" are on the side of dam removal. I live in River Falls and I fish trout on the Kinni and I do not want the dams removed.

It was not too long ago that a group called the Izaak Walton League was doing "everything in its power to keep the Kinnickinnic stocked with trout." Now the river is a class 1 trout stream, rated an Outstanding River by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which is the highest rating given, both above the dams and below the dams. Same dams, same height, same operation and yet the river has in fact improved over the years.

I see the dams as a fortress against invasive species. You may think as other fish being the invasive species, but what about diseases or micro-organisms coming up from one of the many tributaries or even the St. Croix?

If you go below the Powell dam you see anglers all of the time. The Kinni flows from the north through Lake George, over Junction Falls, into Lake Louise and over Powell Falls, and yet as many pictures prove, below Powell Falls is where folks are fishing. In fact, the Kinni stabilizes to the colder temperatures about one-half mile downstream from the Powell Falls dam.

Keep the dams and let taxpayers keep their money.

Ron Gilbertson

River Falls