The continuing political polarization of this nation is a health hazard for us all. Little by little over time, we have, by and large, become a mean-spirited people absolutely intolerant of the views of those who don't agree with us.

Today, everyone is labeled as either a far-left liberal or a far-right conservative. Moderates have become an endangered species, the roadkill victims of the distracted, tunnel vision drivers on the high-speed highway of partisan politics.

Compromise and bipartisan legislation has become a rarity, indeed. It's all out war, now, between the branches of "our" state and federal governments, the "collateral damage" being the people that these governments allegedly serve.

Alas, history tells us that such behavior is not uncommon. Too often, this sort of thing has been and still is shrugged off as "human nature," whatever that is. My opinion: humanity's nemesis is it's many forms of continuing inhumanity directed towards itself. Here, in the USA, our politically polarized disease is one of those self-inflicted forms, me thinks.

Kurt Sroka