Mary Grosenick’s letter ("Letter: Believe facts, not spin") in the Dec. 12 issue of your paper states “Incredibly there are still some folks who didn’t get that Mueller memo and remain steadfast and committed to advance the Russian delusion.”

I wonder if Ms. Grosenick read the Mueller report. I did. Part I is a detailed summary of the Russian interference efforts, often facilitated by unwitting U..S. dupes who spread their disinformation. For example, the executive summary of Part I states “First the office determined that Russia’s two principal interference operations in the 2016 presidential election – the social media campaign and the hacking and dumping – violated U.S, criminal law” (page 46).

To assert that the Mueller Report debunks the Russian interference claim is like reading “Gone with the Wind” and saying that it debunks the idea that the North won the Civil War.

William S. Cordua

River Falls