Can I say that Bernie Sanders and Elizbeth Warren are advocating many socialist programs?

What is advocating price controls, wage controls, rent controls, a national health system, control of corporations through legislating the makeup of their boards and strategic plans, shutting down industries out of favor, and higher spending on government social programs of all types? Socialist policies are those with a high degree of government intervention in the economy thus shutting out forces of free market capitalism which determine supply and demand. The aforementioned programs certainly do that. It should be noted that Bernie has said he is a Democratic socialist and Elizabeth has said she is a capitalist.

The preamble to the Constitution states its purpose and includes the phrase “promote the general welfare.” This is not part of the Articles of the Constitution. This phase along with “establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense” and “secure the blessings of liberty” refer to the Articles of the Constitution which specify how these things may or may not be achieved.

The federal government is only allowed to achieve these goals and that of the general welfare in the ways specified in the Articles of the Constitution as written, or by Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Constitution.

Fred Roethlisberger

River Falls