I want to thank President Donald Trump for executive order 13888. If it weren't for that order, we the people would be excluded from the conversation.

For 30 years, this program has banned our voice and our participation. The United Nations makes the decisions of who is to come, not we the people.

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I am requesting a public hearing regarding the Goodhue County refugee resettlement because we need to have a community conversation about our current community's needs and weave in the needs of the coming refugees?

In Goodhue County, we have neighbors that go to bed hungry.

In Goodhue County, we have neighbors who are homeless, which includes our veterans.

In Goodhue County, we have neighbors who do not have medical insurance, and because of the lack of insurance, postpone medical treatments, and/or go without medicine, dental, and optical care.

In Goodhue County, we have neighbors that require mental health care but because of the shortage of providers fight the darkness without treatment.

In Goodhue County, our schools are maxed to the brink, so what is the plan to meet the needs of our current students, and those of the refugees?

Your constituents hold the answers. It is your constituents that will make refugee resettlement successful, not the government (hugs, love, advice, encouragement, hope, coat drive, mitten drive, food drive, school supply drive).

If done correctly, refugee resettlement in Goodhue County could be a positive and rewarding experience. Excluding your constituents from the dialogue and plan, I believe it will breed ignorance, fear, and hate, which is why I am recommending a public hearing.

Thank you, President Trump, for inviting we the people to the conversation as we the people hold the solutions. Liberty and justice for all! God bless the United States of America.

Shelley Pohlman

Red Wing