Just before Christmas I asked readers of this page to make working for world peace their New Year’s resolution. I admitted that this is a difficult task, but the task has become even more difficult. This is because of President Donald Trump and his crew‘s decision to murder Iran’s General Soleimani, an act of war.

This was another example of the United States’ use of pre-emptive war. Pre-emptive war is so very wrong in so many ways. It is certainly not Christian (at least what I learned over my lifetime). It always demands retaliation if the victim is able. If no retaliation is administered, it still creates animosity that makes diplomacy exceedingly difficult and that may even be true among U.S. allies. It is hard to understand why any allies would stand with us because of our tendency to start wars so readily.

This policy of pre-emptive war will be the death of us all. It will backfire someday to start a chain of events that will lead to world war.

Therefore I urge you to renew your vow to work for world peace or make this a new New Year’s resolution. To inspire you to do this I would invite you to come hear Kathy Kelly from Voices for Creative Nonviolence 6:30 p.m. Feb. 1, at Fair Trade Books., Red wing. She knows firsthand the effects of U.S. military action in the Middle East and will talk about Iran.

On Jan. 25, you can begin your peace resolution by attending a rally for peace outside First Presbyterian Church at 1 p.m. This will be part of events taking place all over the country.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing