I applaud RiverTown's new series on climate change and Steve Gardiner's intelligent coverage of this issue. Climate change will inevitably touch every aspect of our lives, and this discussion urgently needs to take place. Your series is welcome and much needed.

In the Midwest, the immediate effects of climate change may not be as dramatic as in Australia, where human populations are literally pushed to water's edge to escape out-of-control fires and an estimated half-billion animals have already perished. But eventually the consequences will catch up with all of us in small and large ways, from the disappearance of beloved birds and trees to the global chaos of food shortages, worsening human migration crises, and geopolitical war and turmoil.

If we act now, there is still time to avert the worst of it; meanwhile the warnings have never been louder and clearer. Youthful activists like Greta Thunberg are sounding the alarm, fully aware of the implications of catastrophic climate change for their generation and others to come. It's past time for all of us to take the threat seriously, and the RiverTown series, given front-page notice, is a small step in the right direction.

Thomas R. Smith

River Falls