Protecting children's health and welfare should be a top priority of the American people as it was with the Obamas. Not so with Donald Trump. He has chosen to repeal Michelle Obama's School Lunch Guideline of healthy eating of fruits and vegetables back to the junk food he himself prefers.

As a further insult, Trump did this deed on Michelle's birthday because of a hatred and/or jealousy of former President Barack Obama and Michelle's outstanding list of accomplishments while they occupied the White House.

One of the major priorities of the IMPOTUS has been destroying Obamas’ legacy. Meanwhile, his own legacy deteriorates daily. The Obamas’ legacy will live on as one of honesty, high morals, truthfulness, empathy, intelligence and of a family unit of love and decency.

Trump's legacy is: I'm the only one that matters, I am a pathological liar (15,000 and counting), can break all the laws I want, and get away with it, the oath I took to honor the Constitution means nothing to me. Besides, Republican puppets will cover up for me whenever necessary.

Faye Schlemmer