Finally, an intelligent local response to climate change: storage units. Plenty of them. An entire new set at the bottom of Hager Hill, located, like its predecessor across the highway, on prime farmland. And another very large unit in Red Wing in the musty bottoms of Tile Drive.

Climate activist Bill McKibben in his latest warning, “Falter,” asks amidst the dire news he presents: is the human game over?

Not a bit of it, Bill. These storage capsules tell another tale, one of people preparing for the terrible future by stashing their precious things … DVD and CD players, stacks of CDs and DVDs, a few ancient turntables and their accompanying LPs, those bargain boots from the Red Wing Shoe sale that they’ve never worn (wrong size!), clothing and more clothing, especially those baby things we treasure, holiday decorations, Grandma’s old rocker, that tiny fridge from a dorm room, and especially … collectibles, so many spoons and plates and posters and T-shirts, oh those T-shirts. And oh, those bikes the kids rode that summer! Jamie’s trike!

As an anthropologist, I am very pleased, as I’ve been worrying about what sort of record our benighted species will leave for the interplanetary archaeologists. How will they know who and how and why we were? These self-storage containers will, like the pyramids, tell them a lot.

Why on earth bother with foolish things like solar and wind energy, planting trees, getting rid of farm and other chemicals, and so on when we can have a safe place to stash our stuff? Kudos, H. sapiens, you had a brief but brilliant run!

Paul Schaefer

Hager City