All of us in the River Falls area know how fortunate we are to have the River Falls Movie Theatre in our area, because it gives us first-run pleasures — both movies and snacks — at such affordable prices. But we also are so grateful for the generosity of owner Michelle Maher, who recently made her theater available to serve our community and our environment.

On Jan. 22, Michelle provided a free showing of the documentary “Decoding the Weather Machine.” The PBS NOVA film, built from the work of a variety of scientists, including our neighbor meteorologist, Paul Douglas, provided a very clear and compelling explanation of our rising temperatures and their impact on our planet.

The film also showed us hopeful but urgent suggestions for changing the data by changing our patterns of behavior.

It was a messy, snowy evening that Wednesday, but 140 people came to see the film, sponsored by both the theater and the ecumenical group, Hope for Creation. That’s 140 ticket purchases Michelle gave away in support of all of us.

We heartily thank Michelle for her vision and commitment to our home — both River Falls and planet earth.

We celebrate all the caring folks who came out. We know that we can work together — that we really must, and now — to create a sustainable community and a healthy environment for all peoples.

Rebecca Ferguson

River Falls