The Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s Wind Siting Council did not convene in 2019 as required by state statute to review new studies relevant to the PSC 128 rules and report to the Legislature on its findings. In fact, four of 15 council seats remain vacant, including a University of Wisconsin faculty health expert, a position unfilled since 2012.

Some 18,000 Wisconsin residents are living with industrial wind projects. A substantial percentage of families have documented health issues, such as disrupted sleep, headaches, and ear pain. Many in the scientific community associate the symptoms to turbine produced infrasound. Do these Wisconsin residents not deserve serious scrutiny of the safety of the PSC 128 rules? Or are the wind industry’s profits simply favored over the public health? Meanwhile, proposed wind projects in St. Croix, Green, Eau Claire, Manitowoc, Lafayette, Grant and Marathon counties would expose 12,000 more residents to infrasound producing turbines.

The PSC and Wind Siting Council answer to the state legislators. It’s time legislators hold the PSC accountable, or suspend the PSC 128 rules until the Wind Siting Council has done its due diligence. Politicians that put people first over profit will earn my vote in Election Year 2020.

Brenda Salseg