I live on 12th Street South in the neighborhood that is next to EP Rock Elementary School. After yesterday's Hot Air Affair event in my neighborhood, I am very disappointed in the city and all involved with putting this event on.

Last night, during the Hot Air Affair, it was nearly impossible for my wife and me to get home into our neighborhood with the thousands of people pouring in. Traffic was backed up all the way over Interstate 94 near the post office, and in all directions. It took us nearly 20 minutes to get into our driveway, which was pinched by cars parked on both sides of the street. Our streets were turned into one-way streets and nearly impassable. We even had someone park with part of their vehicle overlapping into our driveway, making it even more difficult to access. On top of that you have families with small children, dogs and strollers walking down the middle of unlit streets since there are no sidewalks and snow banks leave them with no other options.

Eleventh Street is a main traffic route for the neighborhoods and has a lot of local traffic. Having people crossing this street all up and down is anything but safe and sensible.

The city has many more accommodating options for the location of this event. The elementary school has to be about the worst location. There is no parking, no easy routes in or out, and it is dangerous for so many to be walking on the streets. The absence of any traffic control shows the city is not prepared to take on such an event and made access worse.

I petition the Hot Air Affair and the city of Hudson to find a new venue for the event for 2021 and beyond.

Mark McCorkel