As we are enduring the age of “not my fault,” with a stroke of the pen the age of responsibility was changed to 21 by President Donald Trump. My understanding, it is federally illegal to sell tobacco or vaping products to anyone under 21, but I didn’t read anything that makes it illegal to buy them.

I am not advocating smoking but it’s hard to understand how an individual is not at a “age of responsibility” until 21 when a 18-year-old can fly a fighter jet, engage in warfare, vote, be dropped by Social Security assistance, tried as an adult, work in the most dangerous jobs, and the list goes on.

I know there are age limits on some jobs as you get older forcing retirement, except for the law-making politicians.

Ten percent of the U.S. population lost their ability to decide on their own with the stroke of the pen. What is the “age of responsibility?”

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley